Cloud Migration Services

We are a cloud solution company providing cloud migration services to organizations that want to see the tremendous business benefits of cloud computing. We help you build a cloud migration strategy, select the cloud providers suited to your needs, optimize your IT infrastructure, and help with digital transformation.

Our expert engineers and dedicated teams help your migration and modernization initiatives see a tangible business impact while moving to the cloud. Whether you are undertaking incremental cloud migration initiatives, or are looking for a reliable and battle-tested partner for critical steps in your cloud migration journey, we ensure that you reach your goals

Cloud Migration Process

We define and establish your cloud strategy and objectives based on your migration triggers, business goals, and workload priorities
We identify and establish a detailed inventory of your infrastructure and assess your on-premises environments.
We build a holistic migration plan based on workload priorities, timelines, milestones, resources, and budget.
We help your IT and app development teams to stay abreast of the cloud technologies, migration tools, and operational processes.
Our cloud experts migrate your workloads in waves to the cloud environment based on the chosen migration strategy.

Our Platform Expertise

Worldwide Cloud Solutions offers the best of cloud platforms’ tools and services, customized according to your needs. With our many platform partnerships, you get the option of selecting, with our guidance, the combination of tools and services you prefer.

Our cloud specialists leverage these tools to provide top-class cloud services that give you real, measurable business value. Our partnership with AWS, for example, means that our certified engineers provide you with a well-architected framework and migration expertise that helps you migrate with no business disruptions

Get the WCS Assurance of Superior

Cloud Migration Services

At WCS, we have been trusted by businesses across the globe to migrate their workloads and applications to the cloud. Organizations prefer our services and rely upon us not just to migrate, but also to build a cloud-first and software-driven culture. In the journey, we become strategic partners in our clients’ growth.

No Business Disruptions

Ensure Business as Usual (BaU) and maintain a standard customer experience during migration. Our extensive experience in successfully migrating mission critical workloads means that activities are on time, within budget, and with minimal business disruptions.

Change Management

Avail personalized training and adoption plans for the cloud, consisting of runbooks, templates, and FAQs for managing the change caused by cloud adoption. WCS also runs specialized, user-focused workshops/training to increase awareness around operations and maintenance.

DevOps Implementations

Integrate DevOps within your cloud migration journey by leveraging our DevOps thinking. Our DevOps best practices set up a streamlined operations ecosystem, backed by IaC, automation tools, and CI/CD pipelines to help you extract the best out of cloud initiatives.

Faster Results

Reach goals faster with battle-tested frameworks and boilerplates. Certified cloud engineers increase development throughput, avoiding long learning curves to accelerate the migration journey.

Security & Governance

Get state-of-the-art security and governance standards with our “Shift-Left” mentality. Obviate loss of data integrity and meet necessary compliance requirements such as HIPAA, PSI, GDPR, etc.

Best Practice Adherence

Adherence to industry best practices such as deploying governance frameworks, network optimization, adoption of automation, and implementing monitoring benchmarks.