Cloud Engineering Services

Cloud Engineering is where the future lies, complex systems which are still running from data centres need to be migrated to Cloud with a tweak on their source code. A simple lift and shift migrations are a mere migration of applications from the data centre to the Cloud without changing controls to comply with Cloud resources. Cloud engineering Services enable the applications to be re-platformed, re-host and re-engineer to make it Cloud friendly.

Cloud Engineering leverages the cloud’s capability to solve complex business problems. Our Cloud architects have provided solutions to successfully complete many Cloud-Native Applications and host many cloud independent SaaS products.

Cloud Architecture Consulting

Our Cloud Architects Consultants help you in re-architecture of your IT real estate through Cloud Native Architecture and utilization the PAAS features. Cloud Re-architecture involves Cloud Native application development, Cloud based testing and providing big data solutions for archiving legacy data. Further, Cloud DevOps is managed through IaC (Infrastructure as a Code) and Cloud Governance is addressed with a dedicated Security advisor group and a Cost Advisor. A typical Rebuild solution involves rewriting/refactoring applications to be able to work like microservices and utilizes PaaS features available on Cloud.

Cloud Native Application Development

Cloud Native applications are dynamically orchestrated, rely on containerized application architecture and embrace microservices to go serverless. Choosing Cloud native application development can help you drive innovation at a faster rate and be market ready for business challenges. Build applications continuously with the microservices, and containers to enable them to be deployed any cloud services. WCS with its 6+ years of experience in Cloud Native Development, is able to offer deployment services in many market available cloud services like AWS, Microsoft Azure and Google Cloud Platform as per the customer’s need.

Go Serverless

Do you know that the term ‘serverless’ is most preferred by CTOs and Tech-leaders for planning their IT infrastructure? Serverless setup doesn’t have an infrastructure to provision or manage and works on a pay for value model. You can make your serverless computing possible with Microservices and Agile development cycles.

Micro-services and Approaches

Microservices are a set of software composed of small services which communicate between well-defined APIs that are independently deployed. Our Cloud architects would help your IT systems re-architect your monolith applications to microservices and go serverless.

Architect, Develop, Deploy and Optimize cloud solutions

Cloud Computing Services

WCS Cloud-First offers a full spectrum of cloud services to help you realize the value of your investment. We know the cloud is more than just technology, so our solutions encompass the workforce and culture change needed for lasting success.

Cloud Engineering

Deliver custom cloud solutions using cloud native development and application modernization.

Cloud Deployment

Deploying an application through one or more hosting models, that leverage the cloud. This includes architecting, planning..

Cloud Migration

Migrate infrastructure, applications, & data to the cloud with no business disruptions, led by our certified cloud architechts

Cloud Management

Manage cloud tools and service providers with automated compliance, monitoring, optimization and governance.

Cloud Security

Continuous edge-to-edge cloud protection for your data and applications with regulatory compliance

Infrastructure services

Leverage hybrid cloud or reinvent your networks and workplace experience to accelerate cloud’s value.