Project Info

Transform the existing offline business digitally and extended it into the e-commerce space
  • Client : Shaan Associates
  • Category : IT Services, Web Development
  • Date : 10 June 19
  • Website :
  • Location : Mangalore, India

Project Info

About Shaan Associates

Shaan Associates is a firm based in the Mangalore, India that supplies Industrial, Construction & Marine products with a portfolio of more than 60,000 products & represents more than 150 brands from the world’s market of leading brands from across the globe. They were serving in B2B market and were an established. They only dealt with and supplied products to retailers via offline channels of sales.

Common issues faced:

  • Shaan Associates had no online presence or Web Design for their business. They were operating only through their physical stores across India.
  • They wanted to enter the B2C market as well. But did not want to invest more in a physical storefront.
  • The purchasing habits of B2B customers have evolved over time, and the demand for online stores was growing.
  • B2B customers want to quote their prices and interact with the company more. But it was becoming difficult in the offline mode of business.
  • Shaan Associates wanted to attract new customers from different market segments.

The solution:

We advised Shaan Associates to set up e-commerce stores, which would allow the company to operate 24 hours a day, seven days a week. We transformed the existing business digitally and extended it into the e-commerce space. We created a website that offered an aesthetically pleasing UI, smooth navigation and an intuitive user experience.

Shaan Associates, the new eCommerce store, is welcoming new B2C customers alongside existing B2B customers. We integrated the eCommerce store with Shaan Associates existing ERP system. Customers in the B2C market were able to enter, sign up, and make purchases through the new website.The existing B2B customers were given credentials to login to the eCommerce store. Now, they could make quote requests and bulk order the items from the website.


  • With its entry into the eCommerce market, Shaan Associates could expand into a newer customer base, i.e., B2C along with B2B.
  • The cost-efficiency of the business improved since they generated more revenue without investing in more labour or storefronts.
  • Sales improved at eCommerce stores due to the cross-selling and upselling of products. This feature was probably the best because of its relevance to the industry in which Kavalani works.
  • Existing customers from the B2B market, received their own credentials to access the website. This allowed customers to continue doing business as usual, and they began receiving a better purchasing experience through a website as opposed to the offline mode.
  • As a result, the customer retention rate was maintained, and Shaan Associates saw a significant increase in order volume.
  • B2B customers could order items in bulk with ease. They could quote their prices for these large orders and interact with the company more. This had a positive effect on customer interaction.