Project Info

The client selling offline products but intends to diversify its range to target a fresh new eCommerce website
  • Client : Pishtac Bakery
  • Category : App Development, Data, Analytics & AI, Web Development
  • Date : 30 November 20
  • Website :
  • Location : Mangalore, India

Project Info

About Pishtac Bakery

Pishtac, an India based bakery store that delivers products with the best and affordable prices. Traditionally, the client has focused on selling offline products but intends to diversify its range to target a fresh new eCommerce website.

The brand’s high quality and affordable products were an immediate hit with locals but the client wanted to expand it nationwide to continue its growth. An integral part that needed to be optimized was its design and Worldwide Cloud Solutions have improved the customer`s experience and make the UI/UX more streamlined than ever before.

The client`s core values were an important part of establishing their brand and WCS included a number of elements that would rely heavily on an excellent website. Client`s aspirations of growing their business motivated WCS to develop a new eCommerce store which drives huge traffic and revenue spikes which helps to thrill them with a new experience.

Business and technical challenges we faced during the analysis.

  • Before integrating their ERP, the client was unable to cope-up with all the complex processes of running a business and managing it.
  • Pishtac was also planning to sell their product on different marketplaces. Developing the platform integration ready to automate the data processing was one the challenge.
  • To manage the overall business, the client was willing to go for centralizing storage. Building the connector to integrate ERP with the eCommerce store was increasing the process complication.
  • Designing and developing the store in such a way client’s in-house teams with naive knowledge can tackle and manage the system so that they don’t need to hire a technical resource to manage it.
  • Pishtac competitors were having very strong design and page landing strategies, competing against them with pure UX was not that helpful.
  • One of the major concerns was that the client was having a separate module for all their business process which sometimes directly affect the ROI.
  • They wanted to showcase their premium product family by communicating their brand stories while ensuring the customer experience that leads to conversions.
  • The client needed an intuitive navigation process, a smooth user experience with a way to showcase over numerous images without slowing down the site.


Pishtac, who provides cake products whose reputation has now increased to a greater extent. Based on our deep research we have prepared the sale strategy which has helped them to increase the revenue. The client was looking for a versatile website that could showcase their products in a user-friendly environment.


  • The client was continually aiming to improve the overall platform with constant upgrades, security updates, and ensure that the store works smoothly without any downtime over the system.
  • WCS has accustomed the higher interest on the UI/UX design and utilized their utmost calibre in the marketplace.
  • WCS has improvised their sale strategy which hit the revenue to the milestones for their eCommerce store.
  • WCS ensured usable front-end interfaces with brilliant navigational ease.
  • WCS over from offline to online while maintaining the same level of trust was the key advantage of the online store.
  • With WCS eCommerce, Pishtac was able to integrate their all separate modules for managing business processes into one eCommerce Solution, they observed a certain increase in conversion ratio and better ROI.