Project Info

The client has experienced a huge loss in sales due to various problems in the backend of the existing website.
  • Client : Amaira Alwadi
  • Category : IT Services, Web Development
  • Date : 15 October 20
  • Website :
  • Location : Dubai, UAE

Project Info

Amairah Alwadi Trading LLC

Amairah Alwadi Trading LLC is a Dubai, UAE based B2C eCommerce store that is well known for selling Industrial equipment. The client was not happy with the existing web design due to various problems they were facing in the backend.

Amairah Alwadi previous business has experienced a huge loss in sales and revenue generation touch with unpredictable development costs and irregular updations. They were looking for a development partner which not only takes care of website development but also helps them with different revenue strategies to increase the revenue. The overarching objective is to create the right technical conditions for digital transformation.

Magneto focused on the Omni-channel approach in order to make customer purchases as fast and efficient as possible. This is where analogue shopping merges with digital components. Worldwide Cloud Solutions was involved to consult new development strategies to ensure everything works well without affecting the online presence of the website.

Challenges faced by client with their previous website:

  • Security issues, high development costs and lack of functionality led the Amairah Alwadi to try the true e-commerce recommendation for unique customization needs at a price point that makes a business grow.
  • Amairah Alwadi previous website had various issues related to module and plugin fails, unoptimized code, responsiveness, errors, and broken links.
  • Technical errors and broken links led to a faulty payment and check-out experience for the end-user which resulted in a certain drop in the conversion ratio.
  • The client wanted to integrate their ERP with the store. The connectors for the ERP that the client using was highly expensive. Building the connector was a very complex job.
  • The Previous store did not optimize for mobile and iPads, customers were finding difficulty in accessing the website.


Worldwide Cloud Solutions created a new simple and sophisticated website that allows users with new experiences and great comfort zones. The look of the existing website was rejuvenating to fit better and reinforce the company`s branding and we help to migrate them with the new adaption of WooCommerce.

  • Our Web Design is, Easy and fast yet secure one-step checkout process allowing customers to place the order with minimum details required.
  • A clean product-centric web design that uniquely expresses the proficiency of products that remarkably performs well across various devices.
  • WCS helped them to integrate with a new eCommerce store to ensure the entire process ran smoothly in the B2C channel too.
  • Features such as product catalogue, product customization, product categorization, order tracking, seamless navigation, and easy checkout experience are all the major inclusions in the website.
  • With easy and seamless integration of their ERP System with Woocommerc eCommerce Suit,  was able to conquer the market competition.
  • Post revamping the website has enhanced customer experience with utmost growth in business revenues and reputation.