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aws partner

We Fast Track Your Cloud Transformation Journey on AWS. The utilization of cloud computing has evolved from a means to cut costs or increase efficiencies to a foundational component of business transformation. Customer experience, business acceleration, and connected insights have emerged as key competitive advantages in the digital age. Companies are moving towards developing an innovation platform that provides the tools and services for continuous business innovation facilitated by the cloud.

WCS AWS Partner reinforces WCS’s commitment to the success of customers as a trusted AWS Partner for innovation and transformation. WABG is part of WCS’s broader effort to integrate innovative technologies, ideas, and solutions to influence business outcomes, underpinned by the AWS platform.

WCS AWS Partner advantage

  • As a Premier Consulting AWS Partner for a decade, we have 6+ competencies, 20+ AWS certifications, over 150 customers, and 80+ solutions engineered on AWS
  • We have experience spanning across the cloud lifecycle, starting from strategizing, migration innovation and operations. WCS enables customers to make the most of AWS industry-leading technology platforms and services
  • Our ‘Business First’ strategy and industrialization solution approach enable cloud transformation through innovative solutions at the intersection of AWS with cloud-native, AI-enabled, data-aware, secure applications
  • We are an innovation-led partner of AWS – WCS’ AWS LaunchPad, a multidisciplinary co-innovation centre, coupled with deep industry domain expertise and a proven execution approach that helps customers gain the true value of the ‘as-a-service economy

As the world transitions to a new normal, WCS AWS Partner Group is empowering a more resilient future for customers and communities.