(Best Web Hosting Services 2021)

If you’re starting a brand new website from scratch, shared hosting is the best choice 99% of the time. There are other sorts of hosting for bigger sites with plenty of traffic. But if you’re just getting off the bottom, shared hosting is that the simplest price with the littlest amount of maintenance on your end.

Best Web Hosting Services 2021:

We’ve reviewed my top six recommendations for shared hosting. These are dependable options from well-known providers. You’re not about to get scammed or finally end up with an excellent slow site. After the reviews, We’ve included a brief buyer’s guide to assist you to decide on the simplest option for your specific needs.(Best Web Hosting Services 2021)

#1 – Hostinger Review — The Lowest Price for Shared Hosting


Hostinger strikes the balance between price and performance–it’s rock bottom amount you’ll spend and still get good hosting. For $1.39 per month, Hostinger will set you up with one site good for up to 10,000 visitors monthly . you furthermore may get 30 GB of storage, which may be a hefty amount for the worth . If you’re starting out on a decent budget, this is often quite enough to urge your site online.

Of course, you’ve got to place the complete amount down for a four-year hosting decide to get the simplest deal. Let’s do the math: 48 months at $1.39 per month is $66.72. meaning you’re paying but $70 for four years of hosting. There’s simply no thanks to drive the worth lower. you would possibly be ready to cut out a far better deal, but it’s probably not getting to be with such a reputable host. Hostinger includes 24/7/365 live chat customer service with every plan. They don’t hang you bent dry. In fact, the corporate offers a 99.99% uptime guarantee.

There’s also a surprising amount of services and features bundled into the foremost affordable hosting package:

  • 1 free email account
  • Weekly backups
  • Free SSL certificate
  • 100+ one-click install apps
  • WordPress starter kit

A free email account is one less thing to shop for, courtesy weekly backups are a comforting, zero-effort insurance plan. I’m still talking about Hostinger’s entry-level plan. Literally, everything I’ve mentioned up to the present point is included for $1.39 per month.


If you would like to make additional websites, Hostinger jumps to a whopping $2.59 per month for up to 100 sites. That’s tons but most providers charge you for one site. Need quite 100k visitors a month? you’ll persist with Hostinger, but be able to pay a tad more, at $3.99 per month, for Business Shared Hosting.

Yes, the worth goes to leap upon renewal like all other host. The thing is, Hostinger’s renewal rate stays lower if you check-in for extended. With the 4-year Single Shared Deal, for instance , your renewal rate is $2.99. If you simply check in for a year, the speed is $5.99.(Best Web Hosting Services 2021)

So, you either get a very great or a fantastic deal. i like to recommend Hostinger for people who know they have hosting and need the most cost effective price out there. You recover than expected performance from an internet host that’s charging you but the worth of an car care to host your site for four years.

#2 – Bluehost Review — The Best Way to Launch Your WordPress Site Today


Looking for a one-stop-shop to urge your WordPress up and running in no time flat? Go with Bluehost for a turnkey solution absolutely anyone can use. Normally you’ve got to urge hosting, a domain, and download WordPress. It’s not rocket science, except for a first-timer, there are tons of places to urge tripped up. With Bluehost, you’ll get everything during a single place for one low price. The entire step-by-step process, from signing up to publishing your first page, is as easy as possible.

There’s guidance at every turn, and will you encounter difficulties of any kind, you’ll reach bent customer service. Don’t take my word for it. Bluehost has been officially recommended by WordPress since 2005. once you make contact with a service agent, you’re getting assistance from someone that resolves WordPress issues all the time. Building an internet site is incredibly straightforward. There’s no code to write down or hours spent Googling answers. this is often true if you’ve got never designed an internet site before in your life. Choose a template to start out your site then you’re off and running.

Find something that aligns together with your brand or goals, and customize from there. Bluehost actually gives you custom WordPress themes that you simply can make your own. Use fonts, colors, and a layout that speaks to your purpose. additionally, to WordPress tools, Bluehost includes a variety of features that make your site faster and safer, with little to no work on your part:

  • Automatic WordPress updates
  • Google Business verification
  • Free CDN
  • Free SSL certificate
  • Domain manager

Most people aren’t brooding about getting an SSL certificate once they launch a site. But it’s the sole thanks to confirm that visitors know your site is safe. With Bluehost, you’ll enable a free SSL certificate across your whole site just by turning it on. Same with the CDN, which you’ll enable with one click to urge a faster site. Both of those features are important, but not belongings you want to possess to fiddle with. Bluehost makes it effortless to urge the advantages with zero work on your end.

If you would like quite just WordPress on your sites, accompany standard shared hosting through Bluehost. It’s an excellent deal, but if you recognize you’re getting to use only WordPress, i like to recommend going with one among Bluehost’s WordPress hosting plans. they’re basically an equivalent as shared hosting price-wise, but there’s better speed and security.

The difference with shared WordPress hosting is that the servers are optimized for just that. No other sort of sites run on those servers, therefore the performance is best and it’s easier to secure. Bluehost shared WordPress hosting is out there in three different plans:


The Basic plan goes to figure fine if you’re just getting your site off the bottom . 50 GB storage is quite enough for many small sites. Upgrading to Plus gives you unlimited storage, and selection Plus comes with free automated backups.

You’ll notice that Bluehost doesn’t offer monthly pricing. you’ll check in for one, two, or three-year plans. The longer your plan, the deeper the discount. meaning you’re getting three years of hosting at $2.95 per month. There are enough services and resources bundled together with your hosting decide to avoid having to buy far more . Compared to hosts that only offer discounts during your first year, Bluehost may be a good way to save lots of extra money over time.(Best Web Hosting Services 2021)

Everything you would like to urge started is true there. Hosting plus free domain plus WordPress. Step-by-step instructions and 24/7 guidance. If you aren’t proud of the experience, Bluehost offers a 30-day money-back guarantee.

#3 – A2 Hosting Review — The Best Way to Escape a Nightmare Host

A2 Hosting migration service for Best Shared Hosting

I have migrated sites from one host to a different , and there’s nothing fun about it. Not getting to name names, but I even have experienced customer service airballs and been price-gouged to the purpose where I needed a replacement host that day. If you discover yourself wanting to transfer your site faraway from a nightmare situation, A2 Hosting is your shelter from further issues. First things first, A2 will transfer your site for free of charge . this is often an enormous deal because there are tons of little things that need to be done right so as for the method to travel smoothly. A2 features a dedicated team of site migration experts which will assist you confirm everything gets moved over safely.(Best Web Hosting Services 2021)

A lot of companies will offer you some tools to form the method go faster, but it still amounts to a DIY migration. A2 actually does it for you. And once you’re found out , you’ll find that A2’s customer support is certainly a intensify from whatever you had before. Even the most cost effective plan you’ll get comes with 24/7 support by phone, email, and live chat. The customer service team has a superb reputation for resolving technical questions quickly. No more uncertainty and confusion when something goes wrong.(Best Web Hosting Services 2021)

Your site speed also will likely improve, as A2 is consistently upgrading to the most recent technologies. LiteSpeed web servers (available with Turbo plans) deliver 6-11 times faster performance than others. A2 Hosting has been around for an extended time and therefore the platform already works with the favored tools everyone uses. There are one-click installs for WordPress, WooCommerce, Joomla, Drupal, and more. It also has bundled benefits your old host never dreamed of providing for free of charge , like:

  • 100 GB storage
  • Unlimited email
  • Unlimited subdomains and parked domains
  • Site staging
  • Free SSL certificate
  • Malware and virus scanning

Unlimited email for free of charge with an entry-level plan is extremely uncommon. Usually, you’ve got to pay extra. Site staging, too, is extremely rare to urge with shared hosting. this enables you to check out new features on your site during a development area before pushing them live. And 100 GB storage space? That’s two or 3 times the maximum amount as you’re getting to get for such a coffee price.

A2 Hosting pricing page for Best Shared Hosting

I like A2 for shared hosting due to the good service, generous resources, and useful bundled features. You’ll notice that the renewal rates are good, not great. Here’s the thing. A2 has five-star reviews from people that persist with it for years, and that they all mention the top quality of the customer service. Some have even reported switching hosts upon renewal, only to run back to A2 because they didn’t skills good that they had it.(Best Web Hosting Services 2021)

This is a very good option for people whose sites are beginning to hit resource limits with their current provider. Maybe you’re running out of space for storing or even your site is simply too slow together with your other host. Solve this by moving over to A2 hosting. You’ll get an excellent price and A2 will move your site over for free of charge . A2 is that the final host you’ll ever need. No more migrations. No more runaround from customer service. Just top speed and assistance the instant you would like it.

#4 – DreamHost Review — The Best Way to Avoid an Annual Pricing Plan

DreamHost splash page for Best Shared Hosting

If you would like an internet site without the commitment of an extended contract, DreamHost goes to offer you the simplest price. the corporate does offer very competitive rates if you’re willing to check in long-term, but unlike most competitors, DreamHost will offer you an excellent deal month-to-month. It works for people that just need dependable hosting, not a long-term relationship with yet one more provider.

Shared hosting starts at just $4.95 per month. That’s all you’ve got to place right down to start . There are not any hard and fast limits on bandwidth or storage, so you don’t need to worry about overage fees. Obviously, your site can’t take quite its justifiable share of resources from the shared server, so if you’re planning on running tons of high-caliber website elements or a web store, you would possibly want to spring for a Shared Unlimited plan. That’s only $8.95 per month to start out , still no long-term commitment necessary.


You might think that performance or customer service would suffer if you’re not kicking plenty of cash in on day one. With DreamHost, though, you get a 100% uptime guarantee. the corporate will actually refund you if your site goes down. It’s a win/win scenario. DreamHost rarely if ever has got to pay people because the sites never go down. Another nice perk of DreamHost is that customer service isn’t outsourced.(Best Web Hosting Services 2021)

You can reach out any time of day by email. you’ll also get in-tuned with live chat during business hours (5:30AM–9:30PM PT), which quite covers the whole continental U.S. DreamHost is additionally an officially recommended WP provider. I’d accompany DreamHost for WordPress sites if you don’t want to place tons of cash down today. Bluehost is phenomenal, but you’ve got to check in for a year or more.

There’s also tons of bundled services which will prevent time and money, including:

  • One-click installs for Google Workspace (formerly G Suite) and Google Analytics
  • Automated WP migrations
  • Automated WP backups
  • 200 WP templates
  • SSL Certificate
  • Free domain privacy and protection

I want to call out the free domain privacy and protection, which is free forever with DreamHost. This keeps your personal or business information out of the general public record (which i like to recommend doing) and may cost $10-15 per annum with other providers. DreamHost will include a website for free of charge , but as long as you check in for a year or more. Alternatively, you’ll purchase a website directly through DreamHost at a really reasonable price.(Best Web Hosting Services 2021)

And, really, the one and three-year plans unlock even more savings. Shared Starter and Shared Unlimited are both $2.95 per month on a one-year plan. for 3 years upfront, Shared Starter drops to $2.59 per month. Any way you slice it, it’s an honest deal. But i would like to specialise in DreamHost’s monthly pricing plans for shared hosting. These are just that far better than trying to travel month-to-month with other hosts.(Best Web Hosting Services 2021)

The Shared Starter plan is a smaller amount than $5 to urge started today. No long-term commitment or large upfront cost. After three months, the worth jumps up a couple of bucks to the new current rate, which happens to be $7.99. this is often still not tons for hosting, considering the unlimited resources and highly available customer service. One could forgive DreamHost for being less flexible on their refund policy, as long as you don’t need to sign anything, but the reverse is actually true. DreamHost offers a 97-day refund, which is months longer than most. Cancel whenever you wish . There’s no fight to urge your a refund .

#5 – GreenGeeks Review Review — The Best for Socially-Conscious Companies

GreenGeeks splash page for Best Shared Hosting

GreenGeeks may be a solid all-around hosting company with tons of truly useful bundled benefits. I mean it. You get fast sites and customer service that’s a cut above what you get most other places. But if you would like an eco-friendly hosting solution, this is often definitely your favorite pick. Every web host has giant server farms sucking up energy to deliver their service. There’s no way around it–the internet causes pollution. GreenGeeks matches equally of energy it takes for hosting with 3 times the quantity in renewable energy.(Best Web Hosting Services 2021)

This is what GreenGeeks means by a “300% green hosting platform.” By choosing them as your host, you’re quite offsetting your carbon footprint. You’ll actually be reducing it, putting more power back to the system than you took out. As noble as all of this is often , I wouldn’t be recommending GreenGeeks if the corporate didn’t deliver the hosting goods. It does. Big time. Any plan you select comes with a number of the simplest performance within the shared web hosting space. the worth is extremely competitive and you get an extended list of useful services that improve your website speed, prevent money, and permit you to spend less time brooding about hosting. for fewer than $2.50 per month, you get:

  • Nightly backups
  • 50 email accounts
  • Unlimited bandwidth
  • 50GB of storage
  • SSL Certificate
  • Domain for the first year
  • CDN
  • Website builder

With tons of other hosts, you’ve got to pay extra for a site builder and email. GreenGeeks includes both for free of charge . There’s less stuff to line up, and moving forward, less maintenance on your end politely nightly backups. you furthermore may get a free name for the primary year, which saves another $10-15 bucks right there. Customer service is usually available. you’ll reach out by phone, email tickets, or chat. the corporate has a superb service reputation. GreenGeeks is additionally one among the few hosts with dedicated specialists which will assist you transfer your old site for free of charge.(Best Web Hosting Services 2021)

I give Bluehost the sting for starting a WordPress site, though GreenGeeks makes the method very easy also . If you’re not planning on WordPress, GreenGeeks may be a good selection for Drupal and Joomla, two other popular content management systems. GreenGeeks gives you one-click installs and automatic updates for those apps and more. GreenGeeks offers three shared hosting plans.

GreenGeeks splash page for Best Shared Hosting

he Lite plan includes everything that I even have mentioned thus far . If you’re just starting out, this is often getting to be all you would like and more for one site. the professional and Premium plans allow you to build a vast number of web sites and offer more resources to assist your site handle more traffic because it grows. no matter the plan you select , virtually everything you would like to start out running your site is bundled in. you’ll manage everything from one dashboard.

The renewal rates are priced about average for the shared hosting space. Nothing great to call out there. But don’t forget. per annum you host with GreenGeeks is another year where you’re fixing more energy than you’re removing .

#6 – WP Engine Review — The Best for High-Traffic WordPress Sites

WP Engine splash page for Best Shared Hosting

The author the scenes of a tremendous WordPress website knows just what proportion attention and maintenance went into it. That person doesn’t need to be you. With WP Engine, you create great content, and your hosting provider takes over the technical side. this is often really important if you’ve got a heavy-traffic WordPress site, especially if you would like to support interactive features and much of media.(Best Web Hosting Services 2021)

You can rest assured that everything will work and your site are going to be fast. That’s because WP Engine offers managed WordPress hosting plans. you continue to economize by sharing the server space with other WP Engine tenants, but you get far better performance and customer service because it’s a managed plan. If you’ve got a basic WordPress site or blog, Bluehost goes to be just fine. But once you reach a particular size, WordPress maintenance starts to become tons more involved. With WP Engine, you don’t need to worry about the backend legwork–your sites are always blazing fast.(Best Web Hosting Services 2021)

Think about the impression this makes on visitors. you’ve got the newest plugins, video features, and intuitive shopping carts. Everything works in perfect harmony as potential customers make their way around your site. This creates a positive, professional online identity for your business. And you don’t need to hire a developer to babysit your site or worry about the configuration and tedious maintenance yourself. albeit WP Engine manages tons of the technical stuff, there’s no loss of control. In fact, you’ll have more tools to create out your site than the other platform. a number of the highlights of WP Engine hosting include:

  • 30+ premium WordPress themes
  • Staging site
  • Daily backups
  • Threat detection and blocking
  • CDN
  • Automated WP migrations

The premium themes alone are worth quite $2,000 if you were to get them individually. But the important value comes from having the ability to make a site that stands out from the remainder . With many WordPress sites already using an equivalent free themes, WP Engine gives you more freedom to make something different with the more powerful premium themes. Stand out from the gang . Test new ideas with complete freedom as WP Engine provides a simple area for you to undertake new plugins and themes before going live.(Best Web Hosting Services 2021)

Whether you’re building sites for yourself or your customers, the area streamlines safe development. And once you run into issues, you get the simplest WordPress customer service within the business. WP Engine customers rave about how briskly and comprehensive the support is. they’re quite happy to pay extra for peace of mind. the value of signing up with WP Engine is above most other shared hosting plans, but that’s because you get tons more. Everything from themes to support is actually premium and, if you check in using my promo code, you’ll save an additional 20% off your first payment.(Best Web Hosting Services 2021)


If you’re focused on getting the foremost value from every dollar you spend, WP Engine is worthwhile . Your site just works, and you don’t need to invest overtime and resources into it. Bear in mind that WP Engine doesn’t increase upon renewal. you’ll get two months for free of charge if you sign an annual plan, but the worth never changes. So while WP Engine is significantly quite the introductory rates from other web hosts, over time it’s tons closer.

WP Engine offers additional managed hosting plans beyond those I’ve pictured here. you’ll get managed hosting plus, which helps with keeping plugins updated, also as plans for eCommerce hosting. One thing to remember of is that WP Engine only does WordPress hosting. If you’re trying to host multiple sorts of sites on an equivalent host, this is often not for you. Bluehost can help with whatever sort of site you would like , and offers managed WordPress plans if you would like quite basic shared hosting.(Best Web Hosting Services 2021)

But if you would like a top-of-the-line WordPress experience, WP Engine is your best choice . You’ll be ready to take your sites to subsequent level with minimal work on your end.Grow your site and your business, not your maintenance schedule.

What I Looked at to Find the Best Shared Hosting Company

If you’re watching shared hosting, it’s because you’re trying to find an honest price with low maintenance. Consider it entry-level hosting, a fine option for brand spanking new and little sites that aren’t expecting plenty of tourists . Other sorts of hosting–like VPS, cloud, and dedicated hosting–let you handle many thousands of tourists monthly . The trade-off is more upkeep and responsibility on your end. Plus there are getting to cost five, ten, twenty times the maximum amount monthly .(Best Web Hosting Services 2021)

Still, you would like a quick site that’s always up and secure. You’re sharing space on a server, but you don’t want to compromise on the basics . All of my picks are dependable web hosts with an extended diary of excellence with reference to site performance and security. this is often nearly as good as shared hosting gets. That said, the way that every web host parcels out its services is different. Let’s get into the fine print and nitty-gritty to form sure that you simply are finding the simplest deal on what you actually need.(Best Web Hosting Services 2021)

Today’s Price vs Renewal Rate

Shared hosting is certainly the simplest thanks to get a coffee price on hosting, but you would like to urge something that works within your budget today, tomorrow, and next year. Typically, to urge the most cost effective price on most hosting plans, you’ve got to check in to a multi-year contract. If you’ve got to pay everything upfront, it’s going to finish up being several hundred dollars, albeit it’s only a couple of bucks a month. Is that getting to work? You don’t want to urge to the top of the registration process only to get that the “cheap” plan is much quite you would like to place down today.(Best Web Hosting Services 2021)

DreamHost may be a great option for folks that need a low monthly rate, as some hosts won’t allow you to check in for fewer than a year. the opposite major price factor to observe out for is that the renewal rate. All web hosts offer introductory deals to urge you to check in , but that honeymoon pricing only lasts for therefore long. Be smart about this. Signing up for a four-year Hostinger deal locks within the lowest rate for that entire period. Yes, it’s a piece of change up front, but over time it’s definitely the most cost effective option out there.(Best Web Hosting Services 2021)

Resource Limits Don’t Box You In

As i discussed , I only picked shared web hosts who offered best-in-class performance for his or her client’s websites. That said, each provider allocates server resources differently–if you begin to reach these limits, performance goes to suffer albeit you’re with a solid host. You don’t want to urge stuck choosing your content or site design supported resource limits. Start with what proportion storage you would like . a marriage photographer with thousands of high-res pictures and videos goes to blow through storage quicker than a blogger who includes a picture with each post.

A2 Hosting offers exceptionally generous storage with their entry-level plan: 100 GB for fewer than $3 per month. All of A2’s other plans accompany unlimited storage. You’ll see unlimited storage for tons of upgraded shared hosting plans, and just know that it only counts toward what you employ for your site. In other words, you can’t store the seasons of your favorite show. the opposite major resource to believe is bandwidth, which is essentially the quantity of knowledge which will pass between your site and visitors.(Best Web Hosting Services 2021)

The amount you’ve got goes to impact how briskly your site is and the way much lag there’s between visitors arriving and page elements loading. Everyone likes fast sites and that they rank higher, but what proportion bandwidth does one need? Some providers, like WP Engine, make it easy to work out what to expect because they list bandwidth along side an approximate number of monthly visitors on the pricing page:

New website owners especially will find this useful . 25,000 visits a month is a simple number to wrap your head around. Some web hosts only give the bandwidth, which leaves you trying to pencil out what percentage visitors you’ll support. once you see web hosts advertising “unlimited bandwidth,” what they mean is that there are not any hard limits on what you’ll use. Bear in mind that it’s a shared server with finite resources, so if your site (or people thereon server) are using quite their justifiable share , it’s getting to impact site performance.(Best Web Hosting Services 2021)

For people with a basic site or blog, site resources aren’t an enormous concern. you almost certainly won’t have thousands of tourists every day , and every one are going to be consuming relatively little bandwidth. But if you begin adding interactive features, WordPress plugins, and other resource-intensive features on your site, I’d pay very close attention to what you get, and the way much it’s getting to cost if you would like more.

Bundled Services You Actually Need

A lot of providers contribute quite just hosting once you check in . These package deals include tons of other services which will prevent time and money. otherwise you finish up paying for a bunch of stuff that you simply don’t need. Here’s a shortlist of bundled services that are actual plusses for many users:

  • Domain name: To get a site online, you have to have a domain name, which is your web address.
  • Site Backups: This is what it sounds like and means you don’t have to download a third-party app or manage site backups yourself.
  • SSL certificates: A secure sockets layer (SSL) certificate encrypts traffic when people fill out forms or enter payment info. This is important because Chrome, Safari, and other browsers will tell visitors your site is unsafe if you don’t have an SSL certificate.
  • Website builder: With a good website builder, you won’t have to write a line of code to get your site looking the way you want it. Simply drag, drop, and edit page elements visually.
  • CDN: A content delivery network (CDN) stores your sites on a network of servers across the country or world. This makes your sites load faster for visitors.
  • Domain privacy: When you register your domain name, your company’s information becomes public unless you have domain privacy enabled. Some hosts charge for this, others include it for free. I recommend getting it to avoid spam.
  • Email: You want an email address associated with your domain ([email protected]), so it’s convenient if hosts include this for free.

If this is often your first site, all of this is often getting to be helpful. A free name saves $10-15 and therefore the time it takes you to signup with a website registrar and points to your new host. Bluehost includes a website name free for the primary year, and you’ll get found out during a few steps without having to seek out a website registrar. And even experienced folks will appreciate stuff like automated site backups. WP Engine takes care of that completely, which saves you from having to buy and found out a system on your own.(Best Web Hosting Services 2021)

Something sort of a website builder could also be important if you would like to customize the design of your site. Hostinger has a reasonable site builder, but it’s an additional cost. GreenGeeks, which may be a little costlier per month, includes a site builder for free of charge . If you’re getting to run a WordPress site on Bluehost, you don’t need a separate website builder. You get templates and custom themes as a part of the hosting package, so you’re ready to create a pointy WordPress site immediately. Alternatively, it’s going to be the case that you simply have already got a business email and use Cloudflare for free of charge CDN. therein case, a number of these services are just getting to be distractions.(Best Web Hosting Services 2021)

Support You Can Count On

Customer service is extremely important when it involves hosting. What happens once you r site goes down? What happens when you can’t find out what’s wrong? Every minute your site is down or broken sends potential visitors to your competitor’s sites. Customer service may be a big think about my decision to recommend this specific lineup of shared hosting providers. you’ll get in-tuned with any of them at any time day or night. I consider 24/7 support essential.

Some offer a greater range of support channels than others. A2 and GreenGeeks include phone, live chat, and email ticket support with every single plan they provide . Others only include telephone company with premium tier plans. But the amount of support channels doesn’t tell the entire story. WP Engine only offers live chat with their lowest tier plan, but the corporate has incredible customer service reviews. People are very proud of the live chat support because they’re always talking with someone expertly in WordPress.(Best Web Hosting Services 2021)

Reading reviews only gets you thus far , though. to urge real evidence, cash in of the free test period. Every host I chose offers some risk-free period to undertake them out. During that point , submit a bunch of customer service requests: calls, tickets, chats. try every avenue. It should be easy to urge answers during a timely fashion. If it’s not, I’d consider that a red flag. For people that have already got an internet site , attempt to find an internet host which will assist you transfer your old site. which will get messy real quick. A2 and GreenGeeks will migrate your site for free of charge , so I’d recommend watching those two if you’ve got a site already.(Best Web Hosting Services 2021)


If you’re starting a replacement site from scratch or currently running alittle website, shared hosting are going to be the simplest option for you. As your site grows, you’ll upgrade your hosting if need be, but it’s getting to be quite ok for now.(Best Web Hosting Services 2021)

Let’s review my recommendations for the best-shared hosting:

  1. Hostinger — Lowest possible price for shared hosting
  2. Bluehost — Best way to launch your WordPress site today
  3. A2 Hosting — Best way to escape a nightmare host
  4. DreamHost — Best way to avoid an annual pricing plan
  5. GreenGeeks — Best for socially-conscious companies
  6. WP Engine — Best for high-traffic WordPress sites

Hostinger is my top pick because it has the lowest price and comes with everything a new site needs to flourish. For getting a new WordPress site off the ground, go with Bluehost. There’s no easier way to get started. The other options are good, too, and may work even better than Hostinger or Bluehost, depending on what you are trying to do. Say you need to leave your old host now. A2 is my top pick for you because they offer a free site transfer. This guarantees that the transition will be smooth and you won’t have to migrate everything over yourself.

Those of you looking to spend the smallest amount on day one will like DreamHost. Without signing a contract, you can get top-tier shared hosting at an affordable price. Choose GreenGeeks if you want your hosting plan to improve the environment. Rest assured that every dollar you spend on hosting goes toward renewable energy. If you are planning on a high-traffic WordPress site, for example, it might behove you to go with WP Engine. While it’s overkill for small sites, it’s going to work much better for complex sites with a lot of visitors. (Best Web Hosting Services 2021)